Modular factory introduces you to the design of container house

Houses made of containers not only have the aesthetics of industrialization, but also can be designed in different shapes according to the requirements of customers to meet the aesthetic needs of different groups. However, there is still a big difference between a container house and a traditional house. So what aspects should be paid attention to to improve its comfort? The following will be introduced by the container house manufacturer.

One: The position of doors and windows should be reasonable

Brilliant light and outstanding air environment are necessary conditions for a comfortable life. Therefore, in order to improve the comfort of the container bed and breakfast, we open the doors and windows in a reasonable position during the production. Generally, it is better to open the windows in the north-south direction, not just the house. The sunlight coming in can also prevent the long-term western sun from causing the indoor temperature to be too high, and the north-south windows are also more conducive to ventilation.

Two: the insulation layer should be suitable

Compared with traditional residential construction, the thickness of the container is thinner, and metal has thermal conductivity, so it is weaker than traditional construction in terms of heat insulation. Then, in order to improve the comfort of living, when building a house with craft containers, it is necessary to make an insulation layer and use high-quality insulation materials, so as to ensure that we feel warm in winter and cool in summer in the house.

Three, do not make an open kitchen

We want to make container houses more comfortable to live in. Do not set up open kitchens, and also pay attention to the planning of reasonable smoke exhaust ducts, so as to prevent oily smoke from filling the room, causing indoor furniture and clothing to be contaminated with the smell of oily smoke. In addition, it is necessary to use highly airtight ducts in the kitchen that can be used for air leakage.

Nowadays, many places are using containers to make houses, which not only saves time and cost, but also saves a lot of manpower and material resources. Just want to improve the comfort of the container house and make your living more comfortable. On the other hand, it is necessary to plan reasonable windows and kitchens, and pay attention to the insulation of container houses.


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