European Geography, History, and Culture

Welcome class!

The purpose of this website is to assess prior knowledge of European geography, outline how you will create a fun assessment tool regarding the history of a European nation, and explain how you will design a promotional poster highlighting a country's culture. Please follow the steps below and feel free to email me if you have any questions/concerns:


Step 1: (To be completed during class) Geography Quiz (10 points)

Complete the quiz at Call me over so that I may record your score. Your grade is not dependent on how well you do on the quiz. You will get all 10 points just by calling me over and showing me the score. This is purely to gain a sense of the geographic knowledge of the class as a whole.


Step 2: Country Quiz (20 points)

Pick a country. You will create a quiz based on that country's history. You may create an online quiz at or you may create on from a word document (whatever method is more comfortable for you). As an FYI, the website will require that you sign-up, but this is free and fairly easy to do. Once this is completed, email me a link to the quiz or the attached word document, as well as an answer key. You will be graded on the quality of the questions (and the possible answers for those who choose multiple choice questions), grammar and syntax, and general understandability. Do not forget the answer key! Wink In the quiz, you should ask ten questions.


Step 3: Crossword Puzzle (Optional)

Based on the questions from your quiz, you may choose to do a crossword puzzle. If enough students create a crossword puzzle for their respective country, I will create a "class crossword puzzle" based on all of the crossword puzzles that were submitted and offer it as extra credit. There is a greater the chance that you will have an opportunity for extra credit if a sizeable portion of the class chooses to complete this step. Go to to create your crossword puzzle. Remember, this is completely optional. Laughing Aim for about 10 to 15 crossword answers.


Step 4: Country Poster (20 points)

Create a poster for your country. This poster must celebrate your county's culture. It should include at least five facts about your country, and it must demonstrate a degree of creativity. You will be assessed based on your cleanliness, effort, information, and overall appearance. Through your poster, try to convey to the class that your country has a rich and vibrant culture worth understanding. Use for basic information. Search the internet or go to a library to find other cultural elements of your country.


Again, feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Be sure to have fun! Cool

-Mr. Thoma