Ningbo Beilun Mingchi Hardware Manufacture Co.,Ltd. is a professional China Inch Nut Pipe Clips Manufacturers and Products Suppliers, covers 7000 square meters, is located at improvement trade zone for export, Beilun, Niingbo. In the east of our company, there is the famous port-Beilun Port; in the west, there is a large airport-Ningbo Lishe airport; the traffic is very convenient.Our company specially manufactures Products and hardware products. We have strong technology and have abundant ability for development. At the same time, we have advanced production equipment and technology. Our products are very popular and competitive to sell in Europe, U.S.A, Japan, Southeast Asia etc.


Due to the equal conditions, the circumference circle area is the largest, with circular tube can deliver more fluid. China M8+10 Pipe Clamp Suppliers . With steel pipe manufacturing annular parts, can improve material utilization, simplifying the manufacturing process, material saving and processing time, such as rolling bearing ring, jack sets, etc. General boiler tube using temperature is below 450, and GB8163 steel tube is divided into cold and heat pipe manufacturing. GB8163 steel pipe has a hollow section, widely used for conveying fluid pipe of oil, gas, water and some solid materials pipelines. In addition, the circle cross section under radial pressure, the internal or external stress is relatively uniform, therefore, the vast majority of steel tube is round tube. Manufacturing method:

The high pressure boiler often are in the condition ofhigh temperature and high pressure, and in that under the action of high temperature flue gas and steam in the pipe, chemical reactions occur, such as oxidation and corrosion, steel tube will have high rupture strength, will also have high corrosion resistance, will also have good organizational stability. General boiler pipe are mainly used to manufacture water cooling pipe, boiled water pipe, super heater pipe, large and small fire tube, arch tube and so on. Steel pipe or all kinds of conventional weapons indispensable materials, gun, gun barrel to steel pipe manufacturing. Compared to the steel pipe and round steel solid steel bending torsional strength phase at the same time, the weight is lighter, is a kind of economic cross section steel, widely used in the manufacture of structural and mechanical parts, such as petroleum drill pipe, auto transmission shaft, bicycle frame and construction of steel scaffolding., has been widely used to make steel pipe. high pressure boiler tube is mainly used to manufacture high-pressure and ultrahigh-pressure boiler superheater tubes, re-heater tube, gas guide pipe, main steam pipe and so on.GB8163 steel tube can be used as general seamless steel pipe for conveying fluid gas, and can be widely used in the manufacturing of structural, mechanical parts and high bending strength. Steel pipe according to the cross-sectional area in the shape of different can be divided into circular tube and special pipe.


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