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When welding, the mandrel is inserted between the two sections of a positioning pin of finishing, in order to prevent total straightness tolerances from welding too large.Roll from the center of the guide must be from the rolling line. Quality galvanized pipe has always been subject to focus attention of the masses, for the detection process, the most important of which is galvanized steel applicationĀ China Pear-shaped Clip Suppliers performance Bale. Commonly used for pipe Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers hardness of three. The yield point and the yield stress is the maximum force before the first drop of the sample occurred; lower yield point refers to when excluding the initial transient effects, the yield phases of minimum stress. When galvanized pipe drops occur, it should distinguish between the lower yield point. Galvanized pipe mandrel to choose and the thick walled tube processing, galvanized steel Specifications for the smaller size of the mandrel can be used instead of a solid billet.1mm, straight mandrel deviation of not more than 5mm. Slenderness mandrel precision mandrel is relatively large, generally use the first car to break the outer diameter of the mouth and then welding, or using a long material directly Turning molding. Guarantee from the centerline of the guide rollers and in piercing and rolling from the center line, ie upper and lower rollers from equal distance about equal to the guide. Quality galvanized steel is considered by many aspects of the production also has some technical, if not effectively detect the quality of galvanized steel so I suggest that the manufacturers do not ship to the buyer. . Uniform thickness of the thick-walled tubes and solid blanks, you can make the probability of a significant reduction in the mandrel bending deformation, can effectively improve the precision of the thickness of spiral steel pipe. Mandrel outer precision control Ā± 0. Depending on the test methods and scope, galvanized pipe can be divided into Brinell hardness, Rockwell hardness, Vickers hardness, Shore hardness, micro hardness and high temperature hardness. Inflection point China Pipe Clamps Manufacturers refers to the phenomenon of galvanized steel metal material having a yield, the degree of bending of the sample is very important in the initial shaping of galvanized steel, because this can test out of galvanized steel by external pressure when the reaction, if the test out the plating zinc critical point pressure pipe, according to customer requirements can be properly galvanized steel reinforcement to greater affordability. Hardness index mainly metal materials ability to resist a hard object surface indentation, known as hardness.

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