Mrs. Stewart

Welcome to Language Arts/Social Studies!

Beverly J. Stewart

Important Dates:

 March 4 term ends

March 11 report cards given

 March 1 through 4-ISAT Week






Block 1 and 2:

On February 24, 2011 we

  • listened to the read-aloud, The Schwa Was Here
  • read in SSR after meeting in our book club groups
  • met with Mr. Grubbs, Mrs. Mucha and Mr. Stone regarding ISAT testing next week
  • had mini lessons on fictional genre
  • had a great day!





Tomorrow we will:

listen to The Schwa was Here

 discuss Chapter 9, Section 2 in SS and check over our Review Question

continue with fictional genre mini lessons

do an extended reading response

check over our prefix test and make corrections

read silently our book club book for 15-20 minutes

have a great day!








        ASSIGNMENTS:  Read your book club book for 20-30 minutes tonight. Answer Review Question on page 285 in SS after reading Section 9-2 (pages 282-285).   Write answers to the question in complete sentences in your SS spiral.  Plan the rest of your mini lesson for fictional genre if you haven't "taught" the class yet.