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The injection molding machine screw has many advantages, but in the production process, we need to pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the injection molding machine screw. If the contact between the nozzle and the mold positioning sleeve is single-sided or poorly contacted, the front end spherical R portion will be deformed and formed. The melt escapes the groove, causing the nozzle to overflow and the caliber to be partially deformed. Therefore, the overflow should be checked and repaired in time. The threaded portion of the nozzle and the sealing surface on the side of the barrel should be inspected regularly. If severe wear or corrosion is found, it should be replaced in time. Therefore we need to check the internal passage of the screw barrel of the injection molding machine. The surface quality of the melt ribbon can be observed by air jet, and the residual melt discharged from the nozzle can more accurately reproduce the flow path condition in the nozzle.

Advantages of the screw and barrel for blown film machine:
1. The screw structure of the injection molding machine is simple and the price is low.
2. The screw of the injection molding machine is suitable for the plastic extrusion of the polymer, which is suitable for the extrusion processing of the pellet material. The shear degradation of the polymer is small, but the material stays in the extruder for a long time.
3, the injection molding machine screw is simple, technical control is simple.
4. The screw of the injection molding machine has excellent mixing and plasticizing ability. The material stays in the extruder for a short time and is suitable for powder processing.