Welcome Note to Parents

Dear Parent(s):

 I am very happy to have your child in my classroom this year.. I will do all that I can to insure that this a very pleasant and productive year for him/her.

As you know entering school for the first time can be very difficult event for your child. Your understanding and support of the C.C.E. ( Continuing Christian Education) program will strongly influence your child's attitude toward religion both now and in the years to come. During the years before school, you have been your child’s religious education teacher and he/she has learned a great deal through your help and guidance. Now that your child will begin C.C.E. classes and continue in that process of learning, you must continue to play an active role in that process as well. Your child will perform best when he/she knows that you are involved in his/her religious education (experiences). I feel that it is vital and in the best interest of your child that there exist a close home/school communication.

Each week, I will send home papers stating what we have discussed and learned in class that day. Please take time to review the lesson withy your child and allow him/her to explain to you what he /she has learned. 

IMPORTANT:  Due to time constraints, I will not be taking class time to teach/learn the basic prayers.  (We will say them at the beginning and end of class only ).  You will need to review/practice the prayers at home with your child throughout the year.

Thank you for your assistance and cooperation.

Paula Vargas-Moreno

CCE: Office number:   (713) 921-5431
Please review this CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR LIST with your child.
1. Follow my directions the first time that I give them
2.  Stay in your seat unless you have permission to leave it.
3.  Raise your hand and wait to be called upon before you speak (during class time & activities)   
4.  Keep your hands and your feet to yourself.
5.  Be polite and show respect to each other.
6.  Respect the items of the other students and teachers who use the classroom during the week.