The Pine View Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society will host its annual Induction Ceremony for new members on Monday, October 9th at 6:00 p.m. All new members (Inductees) are expected to attend. Returning members are encouraged to come and show their support. The Induction Ceremony will take place on the Pine View Campus in our newly renovated auditorium. Our Inductees are welcome to invite family to this special event.  Inductees need to be there by 5:15 p.m. and will gather in the Cafeteria. 


Appropriate dress for the young men:  Slacks, no jeans, short or long sleeve collared shirt. Tie is optional. Close-toed shoes, no flip-flops.

Appropriate dress for the young ladies: Dresses, skirts, slacks. Blouse or top. No spaghetti straps, revealing clothing, short skirts, etc. School dress code is in effect. Important note: Please consider your shoe choice carefully. High-heel, stiletto-type, shoes are not recommended. You will be going up and down steps and across the stage. Flats or low-platforms.



All inductees are need to meet in the Student Union (Cafeteria) by 5:15. Please find a seat at a table and remain quiet. Each year we tend to get a late start because students are talking and not hearing the directions for line-up! There will be pledge cards on the table for your. Please take one and keep it with you!



After we have lined up alphabetically in the Student Union, you will be lead to the rear auditorium door and into the Auditorium. We will be sitting in the MIDDLE SECTION. As you walk in, you will sit next to the person in front of you; filling in each row. Please refer to the diagram here for seating. 




After you are all seated in the middle section, the Induction Ceremony will begin. The program consists of a lot of inspirational information being given to you from other experienced members, a welcome message from Ms. Gullick and Dr. Covert; as well as some National-level procedural tasks. During all of this, it is very important that you remain seated and quiet! Set a good example for the people next to you.

At one point during the ceremony, Ms. Gullick will ask you to stand and to read your pledge. Note: you will have brought your pledge cards from the Student Union. Please read from your cards together as a group.

Finally, after the Lighting of the Candles, you will be asked to process onto the stage. You will shake hands with Dr. Covert, Ms. Gullick and the other members of the Ceremony. Collect your "certificate" and go sit back down. Note: These are not your real certificates! Your real certificates will be presented to you after completion of your requirements.