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You Shall Know The Truth And The Truth Shall Set You Free....

In the beginning he was a foot baler and a good one indeed. His ambition was to become one of the best foot ballers in the world but along the line of pursuing this ambition, something happen. This ambition was severely hit by a mysterious transformation…that was in itself a calling from the that within the shortest possible time, he begun to hear a voice from within him…a voice that revealed to him the mystery of mysteries connected to any person.Yes,as soon as he looks at any person,that voice deep inside him reveals the ancestry alchemy, from blessing to curses to destiny and many mysteries about that person.Eventually,within a twinkle of an eye he knows everything about you soon as he looks at you..This transformation soon lifted him above the status of an ordinary man paving the way to the establishment of the Shadows Of Hope Ministry now PriestWord Chapel International where he has humbly made himself available to the service of mankind.The church auditorium,a current capacity of 200 congregation, and growing rapidly plus supporting pillars of 10 young energetic assistance pastors, is located at Odorkor,a suburb of Accra in Ghana which is currently the headquarters.The church has soon started a new church building at Kasoa,a suburb of Accra.This is to be the very first branch.

Prophet Dan PriestWord‘s instant healing and effective spiritual advices and guidance is rapidly labeling him as the youngest and most powerful prophet in Ghana.