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Course: Intensive Writing I (Mrs. Wells)

Dates: August 24-September 4, 2009                 

Week 1     Assignments

Day1  Monday    8/24/09

Sunshine State Standards:E.2.4.2; E.2.4.6;A.1.4.2    

Warm-up: First Impressions Writing Prompt Handout ( TE, p 20)

Word of the Day: Altercation (n) a noisy dispute (Test Prep Words)
Discuss Class Rules, policies, procedures, homework-Word of the Day story—
Teacher/Student Welcome Activities-Ice Breaker-Go around and answer “travel” question

Day 2 Tuesday 8/25/09

Sunshine State Standards:E.2.4.2; E.2.4.6;A.1.4.2

 Warm Up: Identifying Nouns Handout (#70)

Daily Word: Opulent: demonstrating great wealth; extravagant.

Direct Instruction: Nouns, pg 130 SE Writers Inc; also 501.1-501.5

Group Work:
Writers Inc Scavenger Hunt: Process of Writing Handout  (TE, p27)

Day 3 Wednesday 8/26/09

Sunshine State Standards:E.2.4.2; E.2.4.6;A.1.4.2

Daily Word: Cryptic: secret, mysterious (Test Prep Words)

Warm Up: Silent Sustained Reading and Writing + One Sentence Summary

( Demo with Wizard of Oz-Dorothy finds that everything she needed was within her all along!)

Exercise: Pronouns Pre-Test Handout, #75
Exercise: Types of Pronouns Handout, # 76

Day 4 Thursday 8/27/09

Sunshine State Standards:E.2.4.2; E.2.4.6;A.1.4.2   

Daily Word: Fiasco: a failure (Test Prep Words)

Warm Up: Identifying Adverbs Handout, #108
Exercise: Using Adverbs to Compare, #110
Exercise: Review Adverbs, #112

Journal Writing: Complete this sentence: The_____was quite adventurous…..

Day 5  Friday 8/28/09

 Quiz: Word of Day and Parts of Speech (Nouns, Pronouns, Adverbs)
Direct Instruction on Conjunctions
Exercises: Coordinating Conjunctions #115; Correlative Conjunctions #116