Contributing to the Profession

Mystery Science

     As we wait for science standards to become implemented and for curiculum to be adopted, finding quality and engaging science content can be challenging.  I have loved using Mysteryscience this year with my class because it initiates fantastic discussion, deep exploration, and resources for me to use to assess my student's understanding of the topics.



Supplemental Journeys Decodable Material

     As I alluded to in the discussion of my goal for this year, I have done a lot of work to create both word lists and comprehension questions to go along with the Journeys Decodables for both first and second grade.  These materials have been a real cornerstone of my leveled reading program this year and, I believe, could be a very valuable resource to a teacher using the Journeys curiculum.  Unfortunately, uploading these folders and many files directly to this website builder is beyond my current scope of understanding and beyond my time constraints to be able to present this website, so if you are interested, please feel free to email me and I would be glad to send these files to you.