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Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School


Mrs. Yanoschak and Mrs. Harrell's Kindergarten Newsletter

Week of March 25, 2019 - March 29, 2019


Dear Parents, 

It is hard to believe that we have only a couple of months left of school .  Mrs. Harrell and I are beginning to assess the children for their final report card on the following skills: home address, telephone number, birthday, age, letters, letter sounds, numbers, rhymes, color words, sight words as well as many other skills.  The children will receive their final report card on Wednesday, May 29. Wednesday, May 29 is Kindergarten's last day of school.

We are schedule to go on our final field trip to the Poe Center for Health Education on Monday, April 1.  We will be attending two programs - Super Smiles and Healthy Habits.  After the programs, we will have a picnic on the site at Play Well Park. The children will need to wear their school uniform with tennis shoes and bring a lunch and drink.  The field trip permission form is attached.  Please complete, sign and return the form by Monday, March 25.  We are looking forward to our visit to the Poe Center!

We are already introducing the fourth quarter sight words in class.  Please work with your child at home on reading all of the sight words as well as reading leveled books or books of interest each evening.  We truly appreciate your support at home helping your child to be successful in school.

We will be attending the Stations of the Cross service on Thursday, April 4th.  You are welcome to join us!

Wednesday, April 10 will be an early dismissal day at 12:00 pm in recognition of our Lewis Award winner - Mrs. Laurie Huger.  We are so proud of her success!

Operation Rice Bowl donations can be returned by Friday, April 12.  We want to thank you in advance for any contributions you can make to this program.

The eighth grade will be performing the Passion play on Wednesday, April 17 in the Fallon Center around 11:00 am.  You are welcome to attend.

Wednesday, April 17 is an early dismissal day - 11:40 am.  Also, there will be NO LEAP April 17.

Easter Break begins Thursday, April 18 through Friday, April 26.  School resumes on Monday, April 29.  We wish everyone a Blessed Easter.

Reading Highlights:  

  • Introduce Letterland characters/letter sounds: Annie Apple, Bouncy Ben, Clever Cat, Dippy Duck, Eddy Elephant, Firefighter Fred, Golden Girl, Harry Hatman, Impy Ink,  Jumping Jim, Kicking King, Lucy Lamplight, Noisy Nick, Oscar Orange, Peter Puppy, Quarrelsome Queen, Red Robot, Sammy Snake, Talking Tess, Uppy Umbrella, Vicky Violet, Walter Walrus, Fix-It-Max, Yellow Yo-Yo Man, and Zig Zag Zebra
  • Focus on letter/sound: Uu
  • Review letters/sounds: Mm, Ss, Aa, Tt, Cc, Pp, Nn, Bb, Ff, Ii, Gg, Rr, Dd, Oo, Jj, Xx, Ee, Hh, Kk
  • Identify beginning, middle and final letter sounds in words
  • Blend onset and rime : /j/ /am/  - jam or /b/ /all/  - ball
  • Segment onset and rime: cup - /k/ /up/ or  box - /b/ /ox/
  • Substitute onset with rime : /r/ /an/ to /f/ /an/
  • Introduce word families: - ub, -ud, -ug, -um, -un, -us, -ut
  • Review word families:  -ab, -ad, -ag, -am, -an, -ap, -at, -ib, -id, -ig, -im, -in, -ip, -it, - ob, -od, -og, -op, -ot, -ock
  • Focus on sight words: do, down
  • Review sight words: I, like, the, and, see, we, a, to, come, me, my, with, you, what, are, now, is, how, find, this, will, be, go, for, make, play, said, good, she, all, he, no
  • Review verbs (action words)
  • Review nouns and Proper nouns (naming words)
  • Review adjectives (describing words)
  • Identify rhyming words in stories and poems
  • Review antonyms
  • Review pronouns
  • Rview similes
  • Review synonyms
  • Identify telling sentences (.)
  • Identify asking sentences (?)
  • Discuss author's purpose
  • Review cause and effect within a story
  • Discuss main idea within a story
  • Identify story structure: characters, settings, events

Center Activities:

Read Alouds: "Something Special," "Curious George Makes Pancakes," and "Jobs People Do"

Teacher Table - read decodable and leveled readers ( Lesson 26 - "Things I Can Do" and "Team Work")

Work on Writing - write on any topic in journal

Word Workcolor, cut and paste pictures that begin with short vowel u

Read to Self - complete spelling/phonics worksheet 


 We will learn how to read tally charts.  The children will also learn to read tables and graphs.


The children will learn that Jesus gave us the gift of the Holy Spritit and recognize the dove as a symbol of the Holy Spririt. Later in the week, we will read the Gospel story of Jesus raising Jairus' daughter.

Thematic Unit:

We will continue to learn the concepts of air.  We will also review about dental health and nutrition for our upcoming field trip to the Poe Center.

Star Student:

Everyone has had a chance to be a Star Student.  We are proud of the children's classroom leadership.

Kinder Book Club Reader:

Everyone has had a chance to be a Book Club reader.  We enjoyed listening to all the wonderful books brought to school!
Please send a snack with your child every day including early dismissal days.  Your child will be served a cup of water during snack time, so a juice box or other beverage is not necessary.

Mrs. Yanoschak and Mrs. Harrell