What Are The Advantages Of Those Living Room Curtain Fabrics


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  Curtains are an important part of home decoration. It defines a room. The fabric will affect the appearance and life of the curtain. There are many kinds of fabrics to choose from, such as cotton, linen, silk, velvet, brocade, and printed cotton.

  In addition to your personal choice and taste, here are some tips to choose the right fabric for your curtains:

  Durability: Although some fabrics look attractive, they are not durable. It is very important to choose a fabric with long service life. However, if you believe in change, then you can choose any fabric you like.

  Easy to maintain: Many fabrics such as silk and velvet require dry cleaning. Certain fabrics can be washed and dried at home like flax and synthetic fibers. Choose fabrics according to use and maintenance.

  Size and style: The size and style of the curtain will affect the choice of fabric. Lightweight fabrics are more suitable for the top style of curtains. However, ventilated doors and windows require heavy fabric curtains so that the curtains do not keep flying.

  Moderate price: Always consider your budget when choosing a budget. Different fabrics have different prices. Silk is very expensive, and cotton is one of the cheapest fabrics. The amount of fabric required also varies from curtain to curtain.

  The function of curtain fabric suitable for your home: You cannot use the same fabric for every room. Different fabrics have different functions. For the lounge, you can use bright and delicate fabrics because they are only for decoration. However, in the bedroom, you neither need very light fabrics nor very dull fabrics.

  Natural lighting: Choose curtain fabrics according to the natural lighting of the area. Some fabrics will fade or be damaged due to frequent exposure to the sun, so please avoid using them in sunny rooms.

  Moderate temperature: Certain fabrics help regulate the temperature of the room and keep heat in. Suede, velvet, and tweed fabrics protect against cold. If you want to cool the room, please buy linen or cotton cloth.

  Weaving: Loosely woven fabric allows light to pass through. Similarly, a higher line count means less light passes through. If you want to darken the room, choose tightly woven fabrics. However, if you want the room to be bright and sunny, choose loose fabrics.

  Appearance: Different fabrics give the room a different appearance. If you want to give yourself a smooth and elegant appearance, you can choose silk or rayon. If you want a simple and sophisticated look, choose linen or velvet.

  Patterns and colors: fabrics have different patterns and colors. Choose fabrics according to the pattern and color scheme of the room. Your curtain fabric should be used with other furniture in the room. Our website is:https://www.qsf-group.com/product/curtain-fabric/