RD5 Facing History Assignments


Google Classroom Join Link and Code: copy and paste the link below into your web broswer. Afterwards, enter the join code to join the class.



Syllabus: click the link below to view the syllabus for this class.  It contains class descriptions, regulations, disciplinary guidelines, and other important imformation.


Visual Analysis-What Does it Mean to Face History (9/3/20)-click the first link below to access instructions and questions for the visual analysis assignment.  Read the instructions and follow the process to analyze the images.  Click the second link to access the required images.  After analyzing both images, answer the 3 questions from the first link on your own paper.

FHAO Reading-Dear Teacher (9/3/20)-click the link below to access the reading "Dear Teacher".  Read the selection, and answer the questions that follow on your own paper.