RD3 Pre-AP World History Assignments

Google Classroom Join Link and Code: copy and paste the link below into your web broswer. Afterwards, enter the join code to join the class.


Syllabus: click the link below to view the syllabus for this class.  It contains class descriptions, regulations, disciplinary guidelines, and other important imformation.

Joining Your AP Class: register an account with the College Board and join the Whitehaven Pre-AP World History class from the College Board Website.  Click the link below to access instructions on how to join your AP class.  Use this join code when prompted to do so: XN4WE7    

Due Wednesday, 9/09/20.

Cornell Notes Template: Click the link below to access, and then download the Cornell Notes Template. Remember to use the two column note taking format.  You should have notes in the right column (paraphrase as much as possible). You should have headings, main ideas, central events or dates, vocabulary, important people, and perhaps questions in the left column.  For each lesson you should have a 5 to 7 sentence summary. 


Cornell Note-Taking Demonstartion (Two Column Notes): click the link below to access a video demostration of how to format your notes in the Cornell (AKA two-column) style.


Pre-AP World History Unit Guide 1: click the link below to access the unit guide for the first unit of the Pre-AP World History curriculum.  It contains an introduction to the unit and the learning objectives associated with it.