Your child has been provided with a special homework folder.  Inside the folder will be a homework sheet for the week, sometimes I write special announcements, reminders, and list notes that were sent home the week before.  This homework sheet needs to stay in the folder for the whole week.  Parents should check this folder every night.  Sometimes notes from the school are inside, too.  Please put notes to me in this folder as well.  Have your child show you each completed assignment and return daily.  You are able to see their daily behavior each week.  Please sign and return the following Monday.         

Homework is given Monday through Thursday.  I understand that Wednesday nights are very busy nights for families, so very little homework will be given on Wednesdays.  Work should be done neatly in pencil, checked by an adult, put back in homework folder, and returned daily.  If homework is incomplete, please return it to school the next day, so we can work on it.  Students are sent to study hall at recess , receive a PR point, and clip down for not doing their homework unless you communicate with me that your child needs another day.  I realize there are days when it is impossible to complete homework.  Homework is the child's responsibility.

AR: Please remind your child to read daily as to reach their AR goal and to surpass it ! If the accuracy is low, most likely, I will bump them down a level.

Spelling Menu:  Your child was given a notebook to keep at home to practice spelling from their spelling menu.

Reading/Guided Reading Group Homework  ("Book Baggies")

 1.Fluency:  Your child will receive a passage to read all week and answer the questions on the back.  This is due on Thursday.  Instructions will be stapled to the first assignment.  Some groups may not have this as an assignment.

2 . Reading Group Activity Homework (Every group is different and will have different reading assignments)  

Math:  Your child will take timed math tests everyday.  They will be given four minutes to complete the test.  Any problems that have not been completed in time, they are to finish at home.  This is not returned to school.  Addition and subtraction is our main goal; however, we have additional math level tests for those who pass addition and subtraction.  Please use flashcards, computer, and ask me for extra tests to take home to practice.  It is so important to know these facts quickly in order to do well in math.  Your child will also have a homework assignment every day except Fridays.

Language/Writing:  Assignments will be added when needed.

Please provide a quiet, will-lit place for your child to complete homework.  Check the work for understanding. You may have a creative way to teach the subject  matter !  I recommend a daily homework time that is consistent.  A clear desk area is often helpful.  It helps to have a work area with pencils, paper, erasers, thesaurus, dictionary, and a garbage can.  This help your child stay focused without an excuse to get up and get distracted.  Your child's body should be in an upright position.  Have them get up and move around every half hour.  Think CAN (Complete, Accurate, and Neat).  Schedules and structure really help to keep students on the right track.  Every night, put the homework folder, backpack, and any other necessary school items by the front door.  This way they won't forget anything !

Thank you for helping your child at home be the best he/she can be !