Guided Reading Groups

Guided Reading Group Homework

Reading Groups

Your child will bring home their reading bag with their book, bookmark, and sometimes a 
journal/reading questions. Every group will have different assignments.  They will not have reading homework every night.

	1.  Your child needs to read the assigned story to an adult.  The assigned pages are on the marker.  
Your child may need to read the story more times, if necessary, until you feel they can read it fluently 
and have a good understanding of what the story/chapter is about. OR There will be questions or some othere kind of reading assignment.

	2.  A parent needs to initial next to the reading assignment on the book mark, indicating that your 
child completed the reading when reading is assigned on the bookmark.

	3.  Keep all materials (i.e. the book, bookmark, and any other questions or journal) together in the 
plastic bag that I have provided.

Please be consistent in this routine.  It is very important that they take this responsibility seriously.  If 
you have any questions, please give me a call.

Thank you,

Mary Quattrin