Baseball Card Project

Baseball Card Project
Just as a baseball card provides you with a picture of a player and his (or her) stats, we will create historical figure cards that help us remember key people in history. Please use the following steps to create your historical figure "baseball" card. You will need a 3x5 or 4x6 index card or a similarly sized piece of cardstock.
On the front of the card, please include the following items:
  • The name of your historical figure
  • A picture or image of your figure
On the back of the card, please include the following items:
  • Birth and/or death dates
  • Where they lived
  • A timeline of 5 major events in their life
  • A list of major contributions to humanity or what they are famous for
  • A short statement of what virtues they have that you admire and/or character flaws that you don't admire
As students who value honesty and integrity, remember to cite the sources you used. Please attach a list of these resources and references on an additional sheet of paper.

Although I have adapted and used this idea for several years, I owe my mentoring teacher Mr. Tom Buursma sharing the core of this assignment with me. Thank you.