Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan:                                                                         Grade Level:   Pre-K                Subject: Math (Apples)Prepared By:   Rachael Hart 
Overview & PurposeThe objective is for the student to be able to use the apples to model addition. Make the connection between number and word form (1 and one).  Throughout the center time the student is recognizing mathematical ideas.  Education Standards Addressed(Georgia Performance Standards or Georgia Early Learning Standards)MKN1A – counts manipulative.  Count a number of objects up to 30
Chattahoochee Technical College Department of Early Childhood Education
Practicing Teacher Guide
Objectives(Specify skills/information that will be learned) The student should add the apples on the cards together (modeling addition) and then place the card under the correct total. The students will also use reading skills and identify number1 and the word one all the way thru 10. Materials Needed·         Center board·         Small red apples cards·         Small red apples to eat
Anticipatory set(The Hook)How will you get students excited about learning?I will bring in small red apples and place them on the table in front of them. We will use them to model 1+1 and so on. While we are talking I will cut the apples in to pieces and use the pieces to add together. The students will be encouraged to place the correct number of apple slices in front of the correct number word on the table. The students will have apples and Carmel dip for a snack. After our snack we will then move to the center.
Introduction/Guided Practice(Steps to check for student understanding)The student stacks the cards apple-side up near the center board. He/she adds the apple set on the top card and then places the card in the correct column on the center board, until all cards have been placed. The student can check the back of the card to see if they have made the correct addition total. I will assist the student thru the first three cards. Other Resources(e.g. Web, books, etc.) 
Independent Practice(Describe the independent activity to reinforce this lesson)The student will work to complete the pile of cards and have the apples all placed on the board. They can use the back of the cards to reinforce that they have made the correct choice in placement.
Accommodations for Special Needs  If the student is visually impaired pair up the student with another classmate to assist. If the student is hearing impaired use an interrupter to be sure he/she understands the lesson.Assessment/ClosureI will assess the child on how many cards they placed in the correct column. I will then have the students independently at my desk show they understand numeral to word form. I will use AC-accomplished, IP- in progress, NE- not evident