Developing as a Professional

Here is a little about my thoughts as a developing professional…


Goals for Teaching: My long term goals for teaching is to support growth in all my students. Over the course of the year, I wanted to focus on developing as an educator that was turning to focus more on a student centered classroom. I have incorporated GRR into my lesson planning and including more partner talk into the classroom. Over the next couple of years, I am making changes to my teaching to put student conversations into the center of learning.  


Strengths in Teaching: Strength I possess: Eager to try new things in the classroom, reflective about what is working and what isn’t, moving towards having a positive classroom experience for all students, seeking to keep classroom management the main focus throughout the year, working towards incorporating good teaching practices with LG annotation, incorporating rubrics, using the support provided by mentors and fellow teachers, seeking to improve throughout the year, and committed to a new learning .


Opportunities for Continual Improvement: As an educator, I take pride in continuing to learn and figuring how to improve and keep contributing to my school. To improve I reflect multiple times throughout the year to make tweaks and changes to classroom norms, policies, and curriculum to make my classroom better. I also participate in coaching cycles with fellow teachers to improve my lesson planning and teaching, and help with explicit language instruction.


Surprises this year: I was out on leave this year for several weeks mid year, and coming back to the classroom was not as big of an issue as I would have thought. I really did enjoy seeing my students again, and felt like it reset the relationship I had with many of my Tier 2 and 3 students. Coming back also allowed a little reset for students, and it also showed how the work I put in with norms and routines paid off. I am very proud of this year’s group of students.


19-20 Year’s Professional Goal: My goal for the upcoming year is to implement SST in the classroom on a daily basis. To meet this goal, I will focus on following the GRR lesson plan, increase my growth in explicit language instruction, and incorporate at least twice when students talk in the classroom on a daily basis. To help me meet the goal, I have watched an expert teacher, completed Constructed Meaning training, and will complete at least 2 observations by an expert teacher about how I am doing with SST.


How to sustain energy with teaching and life outside the classroom: Resources for work/life balance  How to Achieve Work-Life Balance As a Teacher here, The Teacher’s Challenge: Balancing Work and Life here, and 9 Teacher Tips for Balancing Work and Family here.


Quote from Induction: “It's important you realized you are speaking to much and that students are not.” This quote helped solidify my goal of next year to increasing SST in the classroom.


Advice for new teachers:  There is a lot online advice to new teachers, but I do have some tips that support what is echoed many timed online. FIrst, without classroom management there is no teaching. A great resource to get you ready for the year is Teachers Off Duty, here. A great resource that really helps a new teacher and helps one plan for almost everything classroom management wise.  When you make your lessons, practice and proof your handouts before you run copies. And last lesson, have a life. This is a great career but you won't slay every dragon in your first year. Maintain relationships with family and friends. So plan ahead, practice, and run your room is my advice.