I am Rachel Wilson.  I teach 3rd grade and I am finishing out my second year as an elementary school teacher.  I am finishing my induction program and will hopefully have a cleared credential very soon.

I have 25 wonderful 3rd graders and I love my job.  I recently got married and my students were so sweet about having to call me by my married name half way through the year. 

Why do I teach? I love learning new things, as much as I am the teacher, the students also teach us so much.  I have always enjoyed school as a student myself and I always knew that I was going to become a teacher myself.  My mother is a teacher and used to love visiting her and helping her as best I could.  I have always felt that teaching is in my blood.  I also really love the idea of helping the new generations get prepared for the world.  Which is why I love integrating technology as much as I can.  My students have really taught me how independent they can be and I have realized that students can really surpise you on how much they are capable of doing.  I love teaching!!!

Below is a link to a video of my students performing their "Who Was" Project.  All of third grade had to research, dress up, and prepare a speech of an influential person (from the Who Was Books)  I was so proud of how amazing the students did.  I love project based learning, and this is a great representation of that.


"Teaching is a work of heart."