Contributing to the Profession

3 Resources for all educators:

  1. My top resource that I cannot live without in the classroom is my Google Slides with Timers from (TeachCreateMotivate) - These slides are on my board all day long.  My students have learned how to self regulate their learning and it keeps our day pretty on track.  Also, it helps eliminate questions because all the instructions stay on the board the entire time.
  2. Nearpod - Nearpod is an amazing interactive site where students can learn from math to social studies to science, etc.  I love nearpod because the students type in a code for the lesson (it looks like an interative powerpoint) and their screen cannot change, so you emlimate student distractions.  There is pretty much a lesson for every content and grade level.  Also, with all of the holidays throughout the school year, there are quick 30 minute lessons that even have projects to do afterwards to help bring awarness to these holidays.
  3. My final resource is TeachersPayTeachers.  It really is an amazing site to find supplemental activities/projects/tests/etc.  I use this as a supplemental site in that I still use my adopted curriculum, but I find amazing projects and STEM actvities on TpT.  Also, if I feel like I need to do some reteaching or enriching, I can always count on TpT to have something I can use.