First Grade Curriculum




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This is a brief summary of some of the topics we will be covering this year.

Reading- Hartcourt Reading/Language Art

                *Oral Language: Shared Reading (Big Books)

                * Phonological Awareness: Isolating & identifying beginning, medial, final sounds, blends, and digraphs

                * Literature: Classic and contemporary work, fiction and nonfiction stories, plays and poems ( 6 basal readers and several leveld readers)

                * Comprehension: Critical thinking, retelling and summarizing

                *Letter-Sound  Knowledge: Word building and blending sounds to read words

                * Vocabulary: High frequency words (Word Wall)

                 *Writing:  -Shared writing, journal writing, grammar and spelling

Phonics- Fundations

                    - Consonants

                    - Short Vowels

                    - Long Vowels

                    - Consonant Blends, Y as a Vowel

                    - Endings, Digraphs, Contractions


                    - Numbers

                    - Letters and Words


Math -McGraw-Hill     My Math  

                I. Operations and Algebraic Thinking-Adition and Subtraction Concepts,Strategies, and Relationships

                II. Number and Operations in Base Ten-Place Value & Two Digit  Addition and Subtraction

                III. Measurement and Data-Organize and use graphs & Measurement and Time

                IIII. Geometry-  2-Dimensional Shapes and Equal Shares & 3-Demensional Shapes


 Science - Weekly Reader

               -Earth and Space Sciences

                - Life Sciences

                -Physical Sciences


Social Studies -  Weekly Reader

                -  Families & Communities