Reading Tips


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Reading Tips

The more one reads, the better reader one becomes!

  • Read and/or listen to your child read daily.

  • Talk about the story before (predict what may happen), during (why do you think...)and after reading.

  • When encountering a difficult word, have your child:

    • Look for parts he/she knows

    • Cover up any prefixes or suffixes

    • Use phonics knowledge to sound out parts

      •     short vowels are usually "sandwiched" between two consonants

      •     long vowels say their name

        • "two vowels walking, the first one does the talking"    SEAT

        • "magic or silent E"    BIKE    

    • Read the rest of the sentence to understand the meaning "Does it sound right?"  "Does it make sense?"

    • Look at the pictures

    • Go back and red it again

  • HAVE FUN!!