Our Classroom Website


This is Mr. Earles' classroom’s website. On this site, you and your parents can glance at the concepts for current units taught in the classroom.

Under Menu, on the "Parents' Page", you will find classroom notices just for parents regarding field trips and special announcements. You will also see a list of subjects can be found under "Curriculum"; clicking on the link to that subject takes you to a list of objectives and vocabulary. We have found that parents knowing what is taught in class greatly increases the outcome for their child. Feel free to print and attach to the front of your refrigerator for quick reference. Just quizzing on the vocabulary before dinner will help.

There is also a Homework Blog, with my thoughts about assigning homework and practice, and where you will find the current day’s assignments to be completed after school. We are particularly pleased with the Links Page where there are award-winning sites just for middle school-aged students. We've found that the frustration level experienced by many students when they “Google” a topic (too many options and clicking just the first few sites) warranted putting together this list of sites, and we are very excited about how simply they operate and how extremely “kid friendly” the sites are. 

Lastly, there is contact information listed to the right and below. We strongly suggest using e-mail, as it’s our preferred mode of communication. However, if you do not have an e-mail please don’t hesitate to call. We will try to get back to you within 24 hours of receiving your message from the main office.