Welcome to Music!


Welcome to the Music corner. Here you'll find bits and pieces of music examples and music expressions that will help you appreciate music more. Practicing your recorder this year will help us achieve our goal, which is to ensemble a recorder choir.


1st grade –We use our bodies to explore the different spaces that surround us. We use our feet and our hands to feel different beat patterns.

2nd grade –We try to make music with our percussion instruments as we help with our bodies coordinate the movements that music inspires us to perform. We also use our voices as we warm up, extend our singing ranges, and enjoy singing and listening to fun songs.

3rd grade –Starting to learn about the recorder is going to be interesting here. We learn to play the actual notes of the recorder, as we learn also to read them on the music stave. We should be able to play Mary Had a Little Lamb and other songs, as well as many exercises that will help us become agile at reading recorder music.

4th grade –During this time recorder playing becomes a little more demanding because I already know the basics and I need to practices a little more at home to be able to play on the recorder ensemble by the end of the school year. We learn more music theory and it’s fun because I acquire more music knowledge that helps me interpret music better.

5th grade –By this year I’m a pro on the recorder. I can already play on a recorder ensemble, which usually starts playing 2 two to three line melodies. We should be able to play them together as groups are set for the ensemble. We really learn to do team work because to be able to play a three part song on the recorder we really need to concentrate.

6th grade –Here comes a big year for recorder ensembles because we are playing 4 different lines arrangements of songs that sound beautiful. We should be able to have acquired such musicianship that will allow us to read and interpret more songs, songs that are difficult and require lots of practice time in the class room and at home.


Achieving playing the recorder will be very difficult without our parents’ support. So, we are going to get our parents involved in our practice time at home. And the goal will be to share at home what we have learnt in the class room. We are going to get our parents to play the recorder with us at home. Let’s do this together and take advantage of some great quality time with our parents and kids! So parents, get yourselves a recorder and learn with your child to read the notes and to make wonderful music together :)