Week 8: 5/11 - 5/15 Distance Learning

Week 8:  May 11 – May 15

Please work on these lessons daily to keep up with your schoolwork.  .  There are some assignments that I will need for you to send to me . You may write out the assignments on paper and take a picture of them, type your answers on a word document,  or copy the assignments from your student portal.  Whichever way is easier for you is fine.     Please  email them to me at:  nraffa@dadeschools.net.  Make sure you write your name, date and the  assignment on your work before you send it.  Thank you.

Remember you will need to access your reading books online through your portal as I showed you in class.  (Click on the red book, select your class, click on “resources”.  You will use 4 books from those resources:  the Reading Writing Workshop  Book, the Literature Anthology book,  the Your Turn Practice workbook, and the Grammar Practice workbook)

Also remember to work on your other assignments from Ms. Ojito, Ms. Miyar, Mr. Anuez/Nunez,  Ms. Placeres, and Mr. Garrastazu.

Thank you. 😊


Activities that you should work on daily are as follows:

*  Independent reading.  You may go to Myon, Tumblebooks (the username and password is “miami-dade”), Time For Kids.com, or a book at home.   Find a story/article  of interest on your level and read for 15 – 20 minutes.

*  Work on your i-ready – YOU ONLY NEED TO DO 60 MINUTES PER WEEK 😊 I will check your progress each Monday. 

*  Remember to take a break, have a snack, watch a good tv show….



We are working on Unit 5 Week 5


Comprehension Skill:  Sequence

Vocabulary Strategy:  Proverbs and Adages

Grammar:  Compare with Good and Bad

Spelling Words: (same as last week)

pebble, humble, double, gamble, trouble, uncle, needle,

fiddle, cuddle, cradle, jungle, single, marble, ramble, tackle, ankle, freckle, buckle, hustle, tangle

Vocabulary Words: (same as last week)

archaeology, document, era, evidence, expedition, permanent, tremendous, uncover

1.  archaeology - the study of the way humans lived a long time ago

2.  document - to keep a record

3.  era - a period of time in history, usually beginning with an important event

4.  evidence - proof of something

5.  expedition - a journey made for a particular reason

6.  permanent - something that is lasting

7.  tremendous - very large or great

8.  uncover - to discover  or make something known

The assignments for this week that need to be sent to me are indicated below. Please send these assignments to me (nraffa@dadeschools.net by noon on  Friday (05/15/2020).  There are 2 assignments listed for this week:



  1. Your Turn Practice workbook page 241. (Vocabulary)
  2. Grammar workbook page 121( Comparing with good and bad)




Monday, May 11, 2020:

*  Go to your Literature Anthology Book in your student portal.

*  Read “Rediscovering Our Spanish Beginnings” on pages 452-455.

*  Go to the Your Turn Practice Workbook from the reading book selection in your portal.

*  Complete workbook page 241 on paper (or print it out and complete it).  PLEASE EMAIL THIS ASSIGNMENT TO ME FOR A GRADE.


Tuesday, May 12, 2020

*  Go to your Grammar Practice Workbook. This workbook is different from the Your Turn Practice workbook. Please read and complete page121. PLEASE EMAIL THIS ASSIGNMENT TO ME FOR A GRADE.


Wednesday, May 13, 2020

*  Continue working on Monday and Tuesday lessons.


Thursday, May 14, 2020

*  Review your spelling and vocabulary words.

*  Read page 373 about “Proverbs and Adages” from your RWW book.

*  Go to the Your Turn Practice Workbook from the reading book selection in your portal.  Complete page 247 on paper. You do not need to send this to me.


Friday, May 15, 2020

*  Remember to send the 2 assignments to be graded to me by noon today. 😊

*  Go to “Myon.com”.  Read 2-3 selections of your choice on your level.