Classroom Procedures

Everyday Procedures!

1. Treat others how you would like to be treated

2. Do not interfere with the learning of another student

3. Keep a positive attitude

4. HAVE FUN!!!


Late Work: It is important that students keep up to date with their homework because in math topics will build on top of each other and it is easy to fall behind.  However, I understand that from time to time a student might have too much on their plate so I will allow a student to turn in homework late two times a semester with no penalty.  After that it will be accepted for half credit.  No work will be accepted more than a week late.

Absences: It is very important that students make an effort to get to class every day.  The number one thing studies have shown that correlates with good grades is good attendance.  If a student misses class it is their responsibility to get caught up.  They are expected to review the corresponding Khan Academy video or Illumination activity as well as looking over the material we covered in the text.  If this is not enough students should visit me durring my office hours and make sure they are caught up.  Any assignment that was due on the day of the absence must be turned in immediately the next day.  If there was a test or a quiz on the day of an absence the student must make it up before or after school, or even durring their lunch ASAP.