Online Resources

The Khan Academy is a great resource! It provides a short video lesson over every topic that we will cover as a class this year.  It allows the student to pause or rewind and move at their own pace in order to increase their comprehension.  It also gives a second way of looking at the topic that might be more beneficial to that particular student than they way I taught it in class.  Before each lesson I will post a link to a corresponding Khan Academy video.  These videos will allow us to move at a faster pace and to be able to have more time in class to work on assignments.

Illuminations is another great resource! It has many activities and lessons that will work great with our class.  I will post links to certain activities and lessons that will correspond with the topic we are studying.  They will act as practice and help reinforce the knowledge the students have gained in class.

9/1: Intoduction to algebra

9/2: Origins of algebra

9/3: Abstract-ness

9/4: Building algebra models