Our Classroom

 I am sure you will love this brief introduction to room 233! Once you enter, there is no going back, hold on to your seats because the fun is just beginning! On this page you will find information regarding our daily schedule, homework policy, and classroom management initiative.

 Daily Schedule


9:05-9:45- A.I.S.

9:45-10:30- Specials

10:30-10:45- bathroom break

10:45-11:30- Whole group E.L.A.

11:30-12:30-Guided Reading Groups

12:35-1:05- Lunch


1:45-2:45- math

2:45-2:55- dismissal

 Homework Policy: Students will be given 2 homework assignments Monday through Friday, that will take them approximately one-half hour to complete. If a homework assignment is given on Monday, it is expected to be returned the following day. If  homework is not completed and turned in, students will be given time to complete the assignments during their lunch or free time periods. Students who do not turn in homework assignments the following day will not be allowed to participate in recess or free time sessions.  Students will be given until the end of the week to turn in missed assignments before their overall homework grade is effected. We encourage parents to assist students when completing assignments, but all assignments should be completed by the student.  Homework is a way for students to practice previously learned classroom concepts in all subjects and fully master them.

Classroom Management Policy: Our behavior management plan, promotes individual and team building maturity, and it is called Terrific Tickets.  Students will be seated in groups of about 4.  When an entire group participates in daily discussions, shares with peers, promotes our "No Put Down Policy" with their actions, and clearly demonstrates acts of kindness, group tickets will be awarded.   Students may also be given individual tickets for positive behavior. At the end of the week, tickets will be added up and the group with the most tickets will win a prize. Prizes will consist of lunch with the teacher, free time on the computer, stickers, pencils or even a wild card. How cool is that? Students truly begin to understand the meaning of team work, a skill that will be used throughout the remainder of their lives. Our ticket policy will also be given to each child on the first day of school as a behavior contract. All parties involved will be asked to sign the agreement and return it to school.

Academic/grading policies:  Students will be expected to complete all required classwork and homework assignments.  Writing assignments will be graded on a 1-4 rubric. Writing rubrics will be posted around the classroom as well as sent home on the first day of school with other important documents. Students will be given a content grade for their ideas and story plots, students will also be given a grade for mechanics. Mechanics, pertains to how well the piece is organized, if the student uses proper punctuation and capitilization, and the overall flow of the paper.  All other grades will be aligned on a 1-4 rubric with the report cards, 4= 90-100, 3= 80-89, 2=70-79, 1= 69 and below.  All English Language Arts exams, that are below a 75% will need to be signed by a parent and returned to school.         

Attendance Policy: Students are expected to be present each and everyday in order to receive a worthwhile and beneficial educational experience.  If for some reason your child will be tardy or absent, please send him/her with a note (doctor's/dentist note) or a written excuse from you, the parent or guardian stating the reason for the tardy or absence.