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                                                                         Third Grade Curriculum

Third grade is considered to be a primary grade level and the transition into intermediate begins at this level. Students are preparing for the New York State English Language Arts Exam and the New York State Mathematics Exam. Below, I have outlined, some concepts and skills that we will be focusing on this academic year that will be taught and mastered at this level. We recently adopted a new reading series through the Syracuse City School District entitled "Treasures" .  This series has excellent themes that are interrelated. Below you will find subject areas with significant concepts that are taught at this level and just a few chapter books that we will be reading this year.

English Language Arts:  3rd grade chapter book list  

A Taste of Blackberries, by Doris Buchanan Smith

Dinosaurs Before Dark ,by Mary Pope Osborne

Cam Jensen and the Snake Mystery, by David A. Adler

Junie B. Jones, First Grader One- Man Band, by Barbara Park

Bud, Not Buddy  by  Christopher Paul Curtis

English Language Arts Power Benchmarks for September 2010 : 1.  Use phonetic, structural, semantic, and syntactic, clues to decode unfamiliar words, 2.  Use comprehension strategies to monitor and clarify the meaning of text, 3. Ask and respond to questions to clarify and interpret literary texts, 4. Use a variety of strategies to define, and extend understanding of vocabulary.

Think Math Curriculum Map for September 2010: Content Strand (Number Sense and Operations) addition and subtraction using multiple strategies,  multiplication using arrays, pictures, and/ or numbers to represent mathematical equations.