Developing as a Professional Educator

Areas of Strength: Pacing lessons, implementing checking for understanding and appropriate feedback, expertise in content area, development of nurturing environment in classroom, establishment of rapport with students  


Areas of Growth: Continuous implementation of formal and informal assessments in the classroom, continuous scaffolding of material for students with special needs and students classified as ELL. 


-Higher Education - Currently pursuing my second Master's Degree, this time obtaining a Master of Music in Choral Conducting. 


We are lifelong learners. Therefore, I intend to keep in touch with many of my colleagues to ensure I am learning from them. I also learn from my students everyday, constantly looking for new ways to keep them engaged and know how to communicate material well to them. 


I currently sing in many choral ensembles, which has me practice what I am preaching everyday. By keeping up with singing in choral ensembles, I can maintain the passion I have for choral music and instill that passion in my students. 


Professional Learning Goal: Continue in higher education, keep my choral music program going (currently at 105 and at 130 students next year), encourage my students to love music and love what they do, and ensure I am implementing all content areas into choral music. 


Advice to new teachers: It is OK to not be perfect when you walk into the classroom. You will make mistakes and you can learn from them. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Talk to other teachers in your content area at your school site, your district, or beyond, and get ideas from them. Always look for ways to be learning from others, including your students. Do not get stuck in a rut and always look for innovation in and out of the classroom.