Why do I Teach?

Educators have a very important role in the life of an adolescent. Educators, with their expertise in their given subject area, equip their students to become knowledgeable and formidable people. They also create relationships with their students that may have a lasting impact on them. Ultimately, education is at its most impactful state when the educator knows how to combine the giving of knowledge and love to the students. 


To me, education paves the way for many opportunities. However, students must be willing to take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to them throughout their schooling. An educator’s specific content area is one of the opportunities granted to the students, but I believe that the educator’s role extends past that. Educators should not only teach their content area, but they should be teaching their students to be good citizens in society. Respect, integrity, responsibility, and love are some of the values that the educator should teach on top of their content area.