Technology Rules

Rules for Technology in the Classroom



Using computers and iPads in the classroom is a great way to increase engagement, help students learn to use technology, and make your life easier as a teacher. In order to maximize the benefits of using technology in the classroom, it is important to have clear rules and expectations for appropriate computer and/or iPad use. 

  • Handle with care
  • Do not run with equipment
  • Do not slam equipment on desks
  • No food or frink around the computers
  • Do not change the settings
  • Surf safely
  • Log off
  • Return to charging station and plug in 

Cell phones offer security for students in times of crisis. The many features and apps available have also made cell phones a useful tool for many classrooms. Many school allow students to carry cell phones. However, the rules would probably be different depending on the age of the student.

  • Cellphones are to be kept on silent
  • Cellphones are to be be put up unless specified by the teacher
  • No pictures are to be taken during class unless specified by the teacher
  • No recording are to be taken during class unless specified by teacher
  • No surfing of any kind on the web.


The following videos can be used to explain these rules in your classroom.










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