Amazing Facts About Dubai Desert Safari:

We all know that Dubai is the city of amazing facilities and services but the main thing is that it is more than this, it provides you with a luxurious life and too many beautiful places to visit. The Dubai desert safari is one of the best places to visit in Dubai and it is also the main reason that attracts people from the entire world to visit Dubai. The main question is there are too many places present in the entire world to visit but why should I visit the Dubai desert safari?

So, the answer to this question is very simple: the desert of Dubai contains the most interesting things that you should never miss. In this article, we are going to present the most amazing facts about the desert safari Dubai that will insist you visit this place once in your life.


Interesting Facts About Dubai Desert Safari:

The amazing facts about desert safari are given below, read the entire article to know about these facts.

Dune Bashing:

The most interesting and thrilling thing about the Desert Safari Dubai is the dune bashing. You can do this with the help of a Land Cruiser. It is full of adventure when you sit in the Land Cruiser and look down from the 1000 feet height. Driving the Land Cruiser over the dunes will provide you a fascinating view of the desert land. It is a fact that the dune bashing is more interesting and different from the roller-coaster rides.


Riding On ATV Quad Bike:

If you are in the search of extreme adventure then the ATV quad bike is the best option for you. It might be possible that now you are thinking it is a very dangerous ride, you don’t have to worry about this because the ATV quad bike ride is provided by the official operators after the complete instructions and guidance.

This is a thirty minutes ride but this thirty minutes will become exciting for you to explore the beauty of the Dubai desert with the help of an ATV quad bike.


Sandboarding Experience:

All the tourists love sand skiing and the main reason behind this is that they always want to test their skills of sliding on dunes of the Dubai desert safari. At first, you will think that it is the most difficult and dangerous activity but when you do this you will realize that it is not a difficult activity and you will definitely enjoy this activity.

If you ever go down then you don’t have to worry because the soft dunes of the desert will always present to save you from every type of serious damage.


Cheerful Camel Ride:

The cheerful camel ride will always complete your tour of the Dubai desert safari. The huge species of the camel are lovely and very friendly. You can easily explore the amazing landscape of the Dubai desert safari with the help of sitting on the camel and by its beautiful ride. Other than this, you can also make this camel ride memorable with the help of making pictures with Arabian eagles.


Bedouin Lifestyle:

If you didn’t enjoy the belly dance performance and also the Arabian cuisine at the campsite then remember one thing that your Dubai desert safari tour is not completed. The BBQ dinner with the different types of hot sauces will provide you a mind-blowing taste. Other than this the belly dance performance will increase the taste of your BBQ and provide you the peace of mind.  


Overnight desert safari:

If we talk about the most interesting and amazing activity of the Dubai desert safari then it is spending the night in the Bedouin camp. It is a very beautiful experience when you explore the different types of desert creatures with the help of lanterns. Other than this you can dried wooden sticks, make a cup of tea, and enjoy it with your life partner. This thing will provide you with the best experience of your entire life.


Taking Pictures And Hot Air Ballooning:

If taking pictures is your passion then Desert Safari Dubai is the best place to take beautiful pictures. You can take pictures of the wildlife including foxes, eagles, oryx, gazelles, and many other things. Other than this, the most interesting activity of the morning is hot air ballooning.

You can enjoy the views of the rising sun with the help of a hot air balloon. You just have to sit on the hot air balloon and it will take you at the height of 2000 feet to provide you a complete desert view. In this hot air balloon, more than 24 people can sit easily and when you reach the maximum height you have the opportunity to take pictures of everything.


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