Math- Chapter One

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Chapter One Lessons


1-1 Place Value Through The Billions

Archdiocese of Hartford Standards

ENABLING OUTCOMES: The students will…

Identify and name place values to the hundred billions place

Write expanded numerals in standard form;

Write standard form numbers in expanded and word form.


                               The place and period of a digit determine it's value.

Text Pages 4&5                                                                                 


Place Value Playoff! Place Value Through Billions Reading Large Numbers
Reading Big Numbers Big Number Houses Reading Massive Numbers
Place Value Song Place Value to the Trillions- Halloween Expanded Form
Expanded Word Form Video Khan Academy Expanded Form



1-2 Comparing and Ordering Whole Numbers

You can use place value to compare and order whole numbers.

Text pages 6 & 7

Archdiocese of Hartford Standards

 ENABLING OUTCOMES: The students will…

Build place value models, draw diagrams and show equivalent representations for whole numbers in expanded and regrouped form

Use place value models, diagrams, number patterns and number lines to identify, order, round, and compare whole numbers to one billion

TeacherTube SchoolTube Math Help
Matholia > < = Comparing Game
Two Player Game    



1-3 Place Value Through Thousandths

Numbers less than 1 can be written using decimal place value.

Text pages 8 - 11

Archdiocese of Hartford​​​​​​​ Standards

ENABLING OUTCOMES: The students will…

Build models and describe tenths and hundredths using equivalent ratio, fraction and decimal notation

Read and write decimals to thousandths place in standard form as number words

Identify place value in decimal numbers and write decimals in expanded form (EX. 61.34 = 60 + 1 + 0.3 +0.04)

Use models to extend whole number place value concepts and patterns to decimals

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