7th Grade Life Science Syllabus

1st Quarter 1. Scientific Method and Measurement     

                             - list and describe the steps of the scientific method

                             - identify lab safety rules and properly use laboratory equipment

                             - demonstate the proper tools and techniques for accurate measurement

                        2. Watersheds, Biodiversity, and Invasive Species

                             - identify and give characteristics of the watershed environment

                             - identify two major problems affecting our local environment and some possible solutions           

                        3. Foundations of Life                                                                     

                             - identify the charcterisitcs and needs of all living things

                        4. Microscopes

                             - demonstrate proper use of the various microscopes             


2nd Quarter   5. Cells                                                                      

                             - list the types of cells, their various parts, and their functions

                             - compare and contrast an animal cell and a plant cell

                             - compare and contrast the stages of cell division (somatic and sex cells)              

                        6. Genetics                                                                                       

                             - explain how traits can be passed down from generation to generation

                        7. Evolution and The History of Life                                                                

                             - identify how various organisms may have evolved over time in order to survive

                        8. Classification                                             

                             - identify patterns used for classification within the modern taxonomic system


3rd Quarter   9. Bacteria and Viruses                                         

                             - describe the main characetrsitics of the kingdoms of bacteria

                             - discuss impact, variables that effect growth, and uses of bacteria and viruses           

                        10. Protists and Fungi                                            

                              - describe main characteristics of protists and fungi and their function in the environment

                        11. Plants                                         

                             - list the main characteristics of plants and investigate variables for growth

                             - compare and contrast different types of plants

                        12. Agriculture and Society                                                                       

                              - list examples of how agriculture effects our society and things we have done to harm it


4th Quarter     13. Animals and Animal Behavior                                                       

     - explain various animal behaviors and how they effect their habitats

14. Invertebrates                                                                       

                             - differentiate between the main invertebrate phyla

                             - compare and contrast invertebrate and vertebrate animals

15. Fish, Amphibians, and Reptiles                                                     

                             - differentiate between amphibians and reptiles

                             - describe the development of fish, amphibians, and reptiles

                        16. Birds and Mammals                                                             

                             - differentiate between the five vertebrate classes