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Jan 2021

So after a very different 2020 for everybody, here are some resources I'm planning to use with my Year 3 class in the first week back (it should also work remotely if we have to close the school again too).

While many of us struggle to stick to resolutions made, it can be empowering for children to set goals and aims for the coming weeks, months or the whole of the year. This activity also provides plenty of learning opportunities to talk about willpower, motivation and dealing with failure. Here are a couple of great templates I found online:

New Year Resolution Stars

My Hopes and Wishes for 2021

Wishing you all the best for 2021, whatever your plans or resolutions are!

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April 2021

Last week it was Earth Day and I wanted to share some of the ideas and resources that we came across in my class. The kids showed a great attitude towards looking after our planet!

· As we're still not having whole school assemblies, I adapted some of the materials out of this Earth Day Assembly Pack to introduce the theme of 'restoring our Earth' during the morning carpet time.

· We had a look at these colouful infographics about sustainability and started planning an art session together which would use recycled materials on an informative poster

· The last lesson of the day was science and this Earth Day video lesson worked really well - check it out!

There are so many other resources out there that can be used regularly - let's not just teach sustainability once a year!