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E-day Assignments for Monday January 12, 2015

This Web Page was created for our E-Day School Days .  Here are a few assignments that you can complete at home on the this first E-day of this school year.  Assignments are listed under each subject.  Click on the links to go to the corresponding websites.    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call me at 360-266-0116, or 360-324-9055.    Mr. Sample 

Bible/Worship:  Spend 30 minutes reading The Bible.  You can read whatever you wish. A  place to start though is in Proverbs.  Or you can listen in Proverbs if you wish.    Also spend some time working on our memory verses for this week.

We will have our Memory Verse Test on Tuesday for Lesson 28 and 29.(Review these Memory Verses and learn them if you don't know them already.)  Next weeks memory verse is Lesson 30.( You can begin working on Lesson 30 if you wish to get a head start.)


  • Work on Xtra-math basic facts practice.(1.Click on Xtra-Math Link  2. Click on Sign in.  3. Click on Classroom. 4.  Click on Mr. Sample.  5. Type in Classroom Code: GC4UHHAA.  6.  Click on your name to practice(Only your name please)
  • If you have time,  set up a Khan Academy account. (You'll need your parents help and permission  to set up the account using either a g-mail or facebook account  to sign in.)(You may want to sign up for a new g-mail account that is dedicated for signing in on Khan Academy, it will still be your e-mail address that you control)
  • When you do  have  a chance to sign up on Khan Academy, then click on ADD A COACH at the bottom of the screen. You can add me as your coach.   My coach id is  If you add me as your coach then I'll be able to see your progress on Khan Academy, and we'll be able to use Khan Academy from time to time at school.  In Khan Academy you can click on Practice.   This will take you to some suggested exercizes to  continue building your Math skills.  Begin working through the suggested activites. You will earn proficiency badges and  points as you are learning and reviewing your math skills.

PE/RECESS:  Spend some time outside exercising.  Run around, have some fun, or Clean up the yard for your parents.    Be carefull!

Language Arts:   Spend 15 minutes journaling about what you've done already today or what your planning for this week, or  you can spend some time writing about a subject of your choice.(Be prepared to share your journals at school).  

Also take the Words WATER'S BROKEN and try to come up with as many words as you can by only using the letters in WATER's BROKEN.  (be prepared to share your list of words at school) x-bucks prizes  will be awarded for top 3 lists on Tuesday.


  •  Spend some time studying on Spelling City by doing activities or playing the games online. 
  • Take a spelling test of your lesson 17 words and print out your results if  possible. Or have a parent or family member give you you spellingtest.
  • Continue learning your spelling words for Lesson 17.  You can practice within spelling city or on your own.  (Lists from Lesson 17 and 18 are listed on
  • Take a pretest of Lesson 18 words.(You can take online on spellingcity if you want)
  • Write missed words 5x.

Reading:  Spend 20-30 minutes reading on Raz Kids.(My Teacher Login is rsamplej)

Science/Social Studies: 

  •  choose an article to read on  Choose from either the Science or Social Studies section.
  • After reading this  article, be prepared to give a short report when you return to school.  


Music:  No Music today.

Make sure you have fun with whatever you do.  If part of an assignment on here is overwhelming, or confusing, don't worry about it to0 much. If you do have any questions that need answered before we get back to school, you can call me at 360-266-0116.  HAPPY LEARNING, and don't forget to have some fun out outside.  STAY SAFE! 

Mr. Sample

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