Mr. Samples Website List Grades 3-5, LCAS

 Welcome to my list of website links. This list has been growing over the past few years.  We use them from time to time at school.  Feel free to use them at home as well.


Character Pyramids Document Click Here ("Spy for the Night Riders" and other Characters), Poems slides Link

Simulations : 1. New  2.

Recess Ideas: Learning Games Online link


Summer Ideas: SPELLING Word to learn:  (Learn atleast #'s 1-300  

Art: Paper Crafts: (Heart Valentines),   A Lesson in the Art of Illuminated Letters.  Or another example. 

NW Indians:  1: Prezi 2: Edit

MOLA ART:  1:  Description and examples

Bible: Click here to listen to a chapter in the bible on Bible

English:     Current events: 1. News for Kids,    2.Scholastic International News,   3.Other  News Links

4. Grammar Gorillas game,  5.American Idioms   Click here,   6.  A ton of Grammar Games

Compare Contrast Essays:  1: Compare Contrast Map 2: How to write a "cc" essay 3: Topic Ideas, (Medieval Vs Modern)

Parts of speech:  1.  Poems

Worldly Wize 3000

Math:   THINK CENTRAL.COM click Here, Click here (Math drills practice)


Snork's Long Division Game , (Times table practice)WINDOWS WASHUP , Ord er Pairs, Click here,  Harcourt Math Helps,  Problem Solving,  Multiplication Drills:  1. Fish Shop, 2. Patty Paints   Money-1.  Net Rover,  2. Making Change ,  TIME GAMES:  Game 1 Game 2: click here Game 3 click here (Apple Analog and digital), 4 other games click here(Best site),   Cool Math 

Geometry Activities:  1: In Architecture 2: Bridge Challenge 3: Straw Shapes 4: Shapes Lab  Click Here Money mouth

Probability:  1: Multiple interactives  2:

FRACTIONS: 1. Fraction Rings  2. Make  a Match 3.  Fraction Tutorial 4.  Fraction Fun 5.  Fraction Flags 6. Fraction Frenzy  7. Visual Fractions 8: Fraction BARS

Addition and Subtraction:  1: Base Ten Blocks Interactive

MULTIPLICATION: 1:  Making Arrays 2: Arrays #2   3: Break Apart Strategy with Arrays.

Math Practice:  1: Many Links Here

Pattern Blocks:  1: 2:

PE: Football plays click here , More plays click here

Reading: ( Fun Vocab Story from Shepherd warrior:  To edit click here

Click here to find out what it was like in the 1500's when Martin Luther lived?

Lewis and Clark:  1:  National Geographic 2: Mega site  3: Journey Log

smiley:)Quizlet & (Cabin Faced west words)smiley

Spelling: , Word Bubbles Brain Games  


Force and Motion:   1: Skate Park (Potential and Kinetic Energy  2. Force and motion basics  3.  Forces Examples

Ecosystems:  1: Food chain game   2:   Chain Reaction, Eco kids 3: four food web activities 4:  Fun with food webs.  5:  Decomposers video 6:  Food Chain Links 7: Pond Web Story8:  Desert Habitat Game

Anatomy and Physiology:  1: All Systems Go  2: Virtual Body 3: Bones Quiz 4: Bones Game 5: Label bones 6:  Name dem bones 7: Bone Details 8: Body Systems 9:   The Ear  10:  Heart  interactive 11: senses quiz 12: Heart Map

Rock Cycle:  1. Interactive  2. Diagram   3: Rock Cycle quiz  4.   Rock Collection  5. Rock Cycle process

Volcanoes & Earthquakes:  1: Discovery , 2: Interactives

Electricity 1.Electricity 2.  Video's +   3. Learning circuits 4. Circuit World 5.  Science Zone 6. Circuits and Conductors

Salmon: 1: Sammy Salmon, 2:     Lifecycle, 3: The sandbox, 4: Alaskan Salmon lifecycle, 5: The Journey, 6:  Troubled Water, 7: Salmon survival game 8:  PBS Video

Planet Science Website(Very Cool)

Reading Comprehension:

Science Fair:

Scientific Method explained:

Help Choosing science fair Project: (Especially click on Topic Selection Wizard)





Pathfinder Honors: 

Flower parts Activity:




Plant/Animal Classification Interactive:

Another Classification activity click here or here or for another Click here

Animal 20 questions game Click hereCool

FishWink:  Cool Pics click here,   Tide pooling Interactive click here,  Habitate posters(I spy) click here  Mare Build a Fish click here

Help a baby turtle to the sea click here, To dissect a fish click here

Fish pictures Monteray Bay Aquariam click here  To disect a fish click here CoolTeacher created resources click here

NOAA-Weather info click here

Plant Classification Slide show:







Health:  1:  Personality test 2.  What kind of cloud are you?

Social Studies:

 World Maps:  1: Europe puzzle

Middle Ages:  1: Book of Castles, 2: Create a coat of arms 3: Medieval vs Modern 4: Medieval Phrases5: Joust 6:  Trebuchet simulator 1  7:  Trebuchet simulater 2


Renaissance: 1: A Journey through the Renaissance

China from the inside click hereCry 

Ancient Egypt: Click Here
 History Fair links:  1: Reports Glogster, 2:

13 Colonies:

woodland region Indians:

World Climates  #1   #2

American History timeline:

Natural resources:
US Map Game:


US States Names:smiley 1:  US States & Capitals , Dunk a Duck  2: Type States Name Game 3: Word in States Game 4:  Name the Bordering State Game 5: Click on states Game indecision


Room 108 resources:




Guitar Links:   1:  Easy Guitar Songs with Chords  2:  Easy Christmas songs/ Chords click -->

Beginner Guitar lessons: click here

A Cool Recorder Website:  Click here,  Or read about the History of the recorder.

Scources for sheet music and chords:  1:  Christmas Carol Music



Other Links:

Class Blog:  file.

Class Wiki:

Easycbm testing at school