Use this page to ensure that you are meeting assignment expectations. 


View syllabi and class expectations for Mrs. Razor's classes at: The Kamiakin Home Page.  From there, select either 'Teachers' in the Quick Links menu on the left, or 'Staff' on the bar just below the brave pictures.  This will take you to an alphabetical list of staff.  Scroll down to my name and click on 'sharepoint' to the right of my name.  Once it transfers to Sharepoint, click on 'Shared Documents'  in the top left, and that will take you to access to the syllabi.

Here is the link to Kamiakin's Home Page: 

Following are highlights of my general class expectations and some additional resources.

All Assignments:  the following are always expected.  Sometimes I include points for the following as part of the assignment grade. (hint!)

  • Complete heading, in top right corner:  first AND last name, date, period number, class, and assignment.
  • Use Blue or Black pen only.  Colored pens will be used for correcting, and pencil smudges and can be difficult to read.
  • Use white, notebook paper.  Either looseleaf or notebook is fine.  Remove spiral edges before turning in.
  • Print or cursive is acceptable, but it must be readable.
  • You may write on both the front and the back of the paper.

Extra Credit is always available!! 


  • Students may earn extra credit by completing extra credit assignments offered to the entire class. Standing opportunities include: doing an exceptional job on an assignment attending a play and writing a critique/summary, reading when the bell rings ....
  • Thursday, 9-8-11: African Children's choir, 7pm, Art Fuller auditorium at Kennewick H.S.


Best first draft is a minimum! 

  • Paragraph. 
  • Spelling should follow common English rules.
  • I would rather you use challenging words than have perfect spelling.

Computer Processing:

  • Apply a simple font.  No bold or cursive.
  • Size 12-14.
  • Line space 11/2 or 2.
  • Run spell check and grammar check.


Useful Websites

For creating a phrase outline:

For citing sources correctly and formatting a works cited page:

Research resources (other than Google!)

  • The ipl2:  This is a subject directory which has well researched and verified information that may be useful for many things, from deciding upon a topic for a research assignment to help with chemistry.
  • The Kamiakin home page, , also will help you know what is going on at school.  Select the Media Center tab at the top to link to even more resources that the Kennewick School District provides for you.