Call me Mr. B.


History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.” 

- Winston Churchill

       Call me Mr. B. Although my name is Beaudoin, all walks of life have trouble pronouncing my name, so Mr. B is alright by me. I am a new teacher at Theodore Roosevelt's Rough Rider Academy and more than eager put my academic expertise to work.

        I am a recent History and International Relations graduate from University of South Florida where I graduated cum laude. My studies have provided extensive research, analysis and comprehension in multiple spheres of historical discourse ranging from ancient to modern times involving diverse and unique cultures and subjects. From the myriad of topics, interests in Latin America have been emphasized with special attention to Modern Brazil; U.S. Foreign Relations have also been the underlying theme in my academic career. 

        Since graduation, I have adamantly pursued education as a profession as I have taken the necessary examinations to obtain both the Florida’s Social Science and the Professional Education certifications. This is not to say that I have no experience - before taking on a full-time teaching role, I have spent many hours as a substitute teacher, tutored and completed HCC's renowned EPI course. My philosophy as an educator has always been that a teacher’s place is as a facilitator, and not as a dictator. I believe the best way to spark another’s interest in a subject is for the instructor to have a passion for that subject, as it elicits excitement in the students and encourages them to succeed.

If you feel need to contact me, feel free to stop by the classroom after school or email me at