Business Education

Dear Parents,
My name is Mrs. Blount. I am the new Business Education Teacher at Centennial Middle School. I am looking forward to getting to know both you, and your children, this year. All of the students will achieve much this year in terms of academic growth, greater self-confidence, and improved social skills. Good communication between parent, teacher, and student is very important for your child’s academic growth.

I would like to briefly discuss my homework policy. While I do not have regular homework for my classes, compared with core classes, there is occasional homework used to make-up work, or to prep for testing. Nevertheless, it will only average between 30-60 minutes. On rare occasions, your child may have more than one hour of homework, mainly for those with excessive absences. Please let me know if you find that your child is regularly having more than one hour, because this indicates we need to talk. When a child arrives in class without his homework done/forms signed, it is my policy to send a “Homework/Follow-up Alert” for parents to sign that same evening. This is my way of communicating the importance of homework to your child.

I will be incorporating independent reading for middle schools students on Fridays to promote and encourage reading for pleasure and literacy. We will be reading as a group on occasions and wrapping up with ball toss for review, to build vocabulary, collaboration, build memorization.

I am available to meet with parents upon request. For parents who use e-mail, I check my e-mail daily and will respond as soon as possible. This is often the quickest and most efficient way to contact me to discuss any of your concerns. Please feel free to e-mail me at any time, at:

Mrs. Blount
Business Education Teacher