Teacher Expectations

Class Expectations: I have three expectations of my students:

1.    Respect Yourself
2.    Respect Others and the Property of Others
3.    Take Responsibility for Your Choices

Consequences & Discipline: I have high expectations for behavior and expect my students to abide by the school rules and class expectations at all times. Those who choose to be disruptive or behave in a way that is not acceptable at school will have one or more of the following consequences.

         - warning
           - removal from class for stop and think time
           - loss of computer use for the remainder of the period
           - lunch detention
           - phone call home
           - a visit with Ms. Abdullah for further consequences

Tardy/Attendance: I will follow the Centennial Campus Middle School Tardy Policy. When the classroom door is closed students will be counted as tardy. Students who are frequently tardy or absent will have difficulty staying on top of the learning that will take place because this class is activity and project based. Alternate assignments may be given in place of classroom activities and projects. Homework will be virtually nonexistent in this class. I expect students to use class time wisely and ask for help with they need it.