Make-Up Work

Tardy/Attendance: I will follow the Centennial Campus Middle School Tardy Policy. When the classroom door is closed students will be counted as tardy. Students who are frequently tardy or absent will have difficulty staying on top of the learning that will take place because this class is activity and project based. Alternate assignments may be given in place of classroom activities and projects. Homework will be virtually nonexistent in this class. I expect students to use class time wisely and ask for help with they need it.

Make Up Work: Students will be given an opportunity to make up work from absences, but due to the nature of much of our learning make up work may not directly reflect what happened in class. If you are / your child is absent or out of school for an extended period of time due to a vacation, illness or suspension check handouts on the class website for updated assignment information. It is the student’s responsibility to find out what they missed during their absence. 

Nevertheless, make-up work is not available for class assignments, if the student is present.  Therefore, this assignment will be expected to be completed during the allotted class period.  The student will not be allowed to take the assignment home for completion, unless he / she is in another class or particpating in another activity during classtime, which will be considered abscent from class.

Extra Credit: Occasional Extra Credit opportunities will be given.