6th Grade

Keyboarding is a semester long course designed to develop touch-typing skills and extensive word processing skills.

The 18-week Computer Keyboarding class at Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School consists of the following units : Computer Literacy--Computer Hardware/Software operations, and diskette information Touch Method of Keyboarding--Correct techniques to efficiently use the keyboarding without watching your fingers. Word Processing Software--Microsoft Works: alpha/numeric keys, numeric keypad, various format/edit options. production projects: letters, reports, and memos. Typing Tutorials--Microtype Pro,

Type To Learn 

Learning to keyboard is not easy.  It will take lots of self discipline and patience.  Sometimes it takes weeks to show just small improvements.  If you look at keyboarding as a skill that can be mastered with lots of practice you will do fine.  One key factor to mastering keyboarding is good technique. Correct technique is the most important skill any beginning typist can learn.  Speed and accuracy are all built around good technique.  Therefore you will be given a technique grade every two weeks. 

The grade will be based on the following five areas:  (Please copy areas I and V  in your notes)   Memorize the letters by not looking at your hands while typing.  (40 points) 

 II.  Feet flat on floor.  Hips touching back of chair.  Back straight and sitting up tall.
III.  Fingers curved.  Arms close to body.  Wrist straight and not touching keyboard
IV.  Begins typing immediately.  Has sheet out each day.   Works entire time.
 V.  Strikes keys with proper finger & then returns fingers to homerow keys

Technique GradeKeystroking:
Correct key stroking.  You must use the correct finger to stroke each letter you are typing.  Keep fingers curved.  Don't look at your hands to type. 

Home Row Position.  You should always return your fingers back to home row after you have reached for a key.

Posture.  You should sit straight up but lean forward slightly from the waist.  Feet should be placed firmly on the floor.  The body should be about a hand span from the front of the keyboard and centered opposite the J key. 

Keyboard:  Pull keyboard to the edge of the computer desk. I will try and walk around the room each day pointing out where you need to improve and encouraging those who are practicing good technique.  The most important thing you can do is to learn the correct keystroke for each letter we are practicing. Your Daily DrillsThere are a total of 19 lessons in MicroType Multimedia. 

3H and E
4I and R
6N and G
7LShift and .
9U and C
10W and Rshift
11B and Y
13M and X
14P and V
15Q and ,
17Z and :
18Caps and ?


Each day when you come into class you are required to type the entire required amount of time (10 - 20 minutes depending on the day's AKS's).  You will not have to record your scores because MicroType Multimedia will do it for you. TESTING

After lessons 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6 there is a typing test for you to take.  Each test note card is color coded and labeled at the top.  See me for instruction on where to take the test in MicroType.

To pass the test students in:
6th grade must type with ? gwam with ? or fewer errors
Write down your score on you typing sheet, Microsoft Excel, or a blank sheet of paper.  Keep track of each lesson's score as follows:

Lesson 1:  32 gwam 2 errors
Lesson 2:  33 gwam 3 errors
etc... ** A good rule about speed and accuracy:  "The more accurate you are now, the faster you'll be later!" 


 Monday, March 22 - 26, 2010

MK03.00   Apply proofreading skills in keyed documents.

The student will be able to identify and use proofreader's marks.
Objective 1  - The student will be able to identify and use the following common proofreader's marks:
Objective 2 - The student will be able to use common proofreader's marks.
                        1.Key from copy that has been corrected using common proofreader's marks
                        2.Use common proofreader's marks to correct keyed copy


Monday, March 22, 2010


q       Change the font, and size of the Title to 24 pt and the Font of your choice.q       The (C) means to CENTER and ) means to indent {tab}.  Erase codes when finished.q       Bold and underline each attraction name as done in the first one.

q       Find a synonym for the words that have a 8 “Mouse” around it using your Thesaurus.

q       Don't forget to erase the directions and do a Spell Check.q       **And add 3 graphics (Watermark all 3 graphics!).  Name:  ___________            

Exploratory #:  6 - __ - __


(C)Job2- Attractions


Bass Pro Sportsman’s Warehouse – featuures the South’s 8largest8 fishing deparrtment, an offshore angler saltwater shop, and a hunnting, fishing and fly shop highlighted by a 6,000 gallon bass tub. 


Chateau Elan Winery and Resort – Styled after a 16th centuury French chateau, this four-star resort has a 8beautiful8 306-room inn, a logde, six restauurants, three golf courses, a European spa and a winery.   

Dave and Busters – 55,000- square -foot entertanment center and eatery.  Featuing virtual reality high-tech gammes, billiards and 8huge8 eatery.

Gwinnett Place Mall – One of Atlanta’s 8largest8 and most popuular malls with over 200 storees, Gwinnett Place has just completed a $10 million renoovation.

Gwinnett Historic Courthouse/ Gwinnett History Center – The second 8floor8 of the Courthouse houses the Gwinnett History Center, home of the Historical Society.

Lake Lanier Islands & Water Park – 3,200 acres of camping, golf, horseback, and bike riding, plus one of the 8best8 water parks in the country. 

RW Goodtimes – 55,000- square-foot family fun emporiums that houses an entertainment arcade, a sports bar and two 8terrific8 restaurants.

Road Atlanta Motor Sports Center – They have expanded their track and 8finished8 their renovations.

Southeastern Railway Museum – Step aboard one of the 90 pieces of restored rolling stock, including wooden cabooses, 8vintage8 locomotives and a World War II troop kitchen.

Vines Botanical Gardens – Tucked in east Gwinnett County, Vines’ 25 acres of cultivated gardens is a 8quiet8 oasis.  Enjoy lunch in the Manor Home, and pick up something from the charming gift shop.

Yellow River Game Ranch – 24-acre game reserve is home to over 600 birds and animals.  Walk the game ranch trail as you 8feed8 the bears, bunnies and deer.



Mircrotype - Alphabetic

Type Unbound Report



Timed Typing

Type Bound Report/Edit


Thursday - Friday

Online Concentration Activities/ Quizzes.


Monday, March 29 - April 1, 2010B  

Word Processing 

MK03.02  Apply correct language skills in keyed documents. 


Alphabetic Reviewhttp://quia.com/jw/95821.html 
Keyboarding Phraseshttp://quia.com/jw/95821.html?AP_rand=1812396516 


Tuesday - Wednesday

1.  Do a SPELL CHECK!!! 

2.  Completely fill in each blank. (Make sure all lines are deleted when finished)

3.  Bold and underline each answer.    4.  Change the font of this document. 

5.  Add 3 graphics with text boxes under each.

  Graphics #1- (Graphic you create).

  Graphics #2- (Picture from File).

  Graphic #3, (Your Photograph)

  All graphics must be TEXT WRAPPED

  or some can be watermarked!

6.  This page must be only 1 page in length.  Change Font size if necessary.

7.  Rearrange each paragraph in its correct numbered order.

8.  Erase all these directions.

9.  Set up for 3 columns

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Autobiography Brochure 

Name:  __________

Date:  ___________

Exploratory#  6 - _ - _


(Center, Size: 24) Type Your Name Here!

(Center, Size: 24) Type Your Name Here! (Center) School and Other #4   (¶) Of all my school subjects ______  is my favorite because ______ .  This past year I have traveled to ______ .  I have also been and seen ______ .  However, if I could visit anyplace in the United States, I would visit _____.  For my birthday this year I would like most to have _________.  (Center) Beginning Years #1  (1.5 Spacing all ¶) Hi my name is ______.  I am ______ years old.  I was born on ______ .  My parent’s names are ______  and ______ .  In my family there is ______ (brothers and sisters).  We live at ______ (street address).   I also have a pet named ______ . 

(Center) Goals #5 

(¶) Finally, my three goals for this year are to ______ . (Center)  My Favorites #3  (¶) My favorite sport to play is ______ .  I also like to watch ______ .  I would most like ______’s  autograph.  My preferred food is ______ .  I have read the book ______ , and like to listen to ______ music. (Center) Other Details #2  (¶) I am ______  feet and ______  inches tall.    I have ______  hair and ______  colored eyes.  My favorite computer game is ______ .  I have a ______  computer that I play games on.  Some of my favorite sports games are ___


Thurday, April  1, 2010



Monday, April 6 - 10, 2010

MK04.00   Apply formatting and editing features and function keys appropriately.
MK04.02  Apply correct language skills in keyed documents.Getting the most out of your Window



Mircrotype - Alphabetic

Edit Bound Report add charts and tables



Edit Unbound Report, insert bound report, insert graphics



Directionsq       Change the font, and size of the Title to the Font of your choice.q       The (C) means to CENTERErase codes when finished.q       Bold each city name and population number.q       Separate each city with a blank line {Enter} key.q       Create a numbered list for the 15 citiesq       Reorder the list based on highest to lowest population using either (cut and paste method or drag and drop method). q       Don't forget to erase the directions and do a Spell Check.q       And add 3 graphics (text wrap or watermark graphics!). 


Name:  ___________            

Exploratory #:  6 - __ - __


(C) Job3: Cities/Municipalities


Auburn – pop. 4,000 - There are 4,000 residents in this eastern community of Gwinnett.

Berkeley Lake – pop. 1,000 - Located on the western border of Gwinnett, it is expected to increase dramatically.

Braselton – pop. 1,200 - Best know as the town actress Kim Basinger Bought with over 1,200 residents.

Buford – pop. 10,000 - Nestled in the far north of the county, its will be best know for the Mall of Georgia.

Dacula – pop. 4,000 - Small town life may change in the future for this town.

Duluth – pop. 17,000 - It borders with the Chattahoochee River and Gwinnett Place Mall.

Grayson – pop. 1,000 – It is home to less than 1,000 residents. 

Lawrenceville – pop. 20,000 - The largest city in the county and also contains our county Courthouse.

Lilburn – pop. 11,000 - With over 11,000 residents, it has the county’s only petting zoo.

Loganville – pop. 5,000 – It is the site of Vines Botanical Gardens.

Norcross – pop. 6,000 – It is a city with a center for high tech and industrial firms with over 6,000 residents.

Rest Haven – pop. 20 – It is located in both Gwinnett and Hall counties.  This is the county’s smallest city.

Snellville – pop. 16,000 – This city has a state-of-the-art hospital and the popular Briscoe Park.

Sugar Hill – pop. 8,000 – This city is expected to grow in population by 300 percent in the next 12 years.

Suwannee – pop. 6,000 – It is the site of the Atlanta Falcons Training Complex.



Timed Typing




Online Concentration Activities/ Quizzes. 


Monday, April 12 - 16, 2010

MK04.03  Apply correct memo edit and letter formats.
Routine - Warm Up and Conditioning Lessons
Monday - Basic Formatting Techniques/ Letter Formats
Tuesday - Designing Business Letterheads
Wednesday - Keyboarding Activities / Gameshttp://www.cydunn.com/pages3.html 
Thursday    Timed Typing
Friday         Online Concentration Activities/ Quizzes.   


 1.  Working with Margins
 2. Changing the Page Orientation
 3. Changing the Paper Size
 4. Spelling and Grammar  -Working with dictionaries
 5. The Thesaurus
 6. Headers and Footers
 7. Working with Columns

 8. Charts & Tables
        -Using the wizard
        -Creating and Editing
Numbered & Bulleted Lists

Monday, April 19 - 23, 2010

MK04.03  Apply correct memo edit and letter formats.

Microtype - Skill Builder  

GREAT News! Your mom and dad have said you can have the money to throw that party you have been planning. All you must do is write a letter to your friends telling them all about the party and directions to your house.

Address your letter to: Lora Smith (A friends name) 2321 Main Street Washington, DC 20052 Your letter must have 2 paragraphs ¦ with at least 6 total sentences. Start off with telling the person that they (1) are invited to the party. Then tell (2) why you are having the party. Next tell them (3) what will be happening at the party. Tell also (4) what will be at the party. Finally (5) tell the address and time of the party. You might want to have a theme for the party and tell who will be chaperoning the party.

Letter must include:

1. Letterhead (Your name, address, city, state, zip, graphic, and boarder)
2. Date, Inside address, and Dear Lora
3. Watermark graphic. (This can be a slogan or words)
4. Spell Check! 5. Sign and Turn into me.   

Thursday    Timed Typing
Friday         Online Concentration Activities/ Quizzes.   


 Monday, April 26 - April 30,  2010

MK04.04  Apply correct table format.

Microtype - Skill Builder



  1.  Write a sentence for each person below by keeping each word in the sentence the same as the first letter in the person’s name.


Example:  Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers.


  2.  Change the font of each sentence.

  3.  And add 2  graphics (resize and wrap to make each fit on this page - at the bottom).

  4.  Bold each person’s name then underline the rest of the sentence.

  5.  Don’t forget to erase the directions and do a SPELL CHECK!!! before printing.

  6.  Create a table with 3 columns and 11 rows.

  7.  1st row is titled Name Challenge.

  8.  2nd row - 11th row, 1st column - begin with 1 - 10.

  9.  2nd column - begin listing names.

10.  3rd column include the rest of the sentence and correct punctuation.




Name:  _____________

Date:  _________________

Exploratory#:   6 - __ - __




1.  Darling Debbie

2.  Frightened Frank

3.  Giant Grant

4.  Jumping Jack

5.  Likable Larry

6.  Millionaire Millie

7.  Perky Penny

8.  Rugged Robert

9.  Sneaky Steven

10.  finish one with your name!!

Thursday    Timed Typing

Friday         Online Concentration Activities/ Quizzes.   



    Monday, May 3 - 7, 2010

MK04.05  Apply correct report formats.

Microtype - Skill Builder


Add a border to this entire page:  Format + Borders

Graphics:  Add 4 graphics (2 watermarks and 2 text wrap) Type Name Using WordArt type: Snellville and Center Snellville, Georgia, where "Everybody is Somebody," chartered on August 20, 1923, is located in the southern portion of the county, and has a population of over 15,000.  The city is the proud host of the annual "Snellville Days Festival" the first weekend of every May.  This annual event boasts an old-fashioned parade down Main Street and a weekend craft fair that draws over 50,000 visitors to the city each year.  Snellville possesses a strong community spirit that is a partnership between the residents and businesses.  It is home to the Columbia Eastside Medical Center, T.W. Briscoe Park, and the beautiful Summit Chase Country Club.  Snellville also has many quality retail centers that allow its citizens shopping variety within easy reach of their home. Write a short paragraph about your city. 


Thursday    Timed Typing

Friday         Online Concentration Activities/ Quizzes.   




Monday, May 10 - 14, 2010

MK04.05  Apply correct report formats.

Microtype - Skill Builder

Research:The future of keyboardingWhy keyboarding?What is keyboardingThe history of keyboardingThe history of typewriting     http://www.crews.org/curriculum/ex/compsci/keyboarding/index.htm 

Thursday    Timed Typing
Friday         Online Concentration Activities/ Quizzes.