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Monday, April 26th - 30th, 2010

CT006.  Utilize database software.
___CT06.01  Identify advantages and uses of database software.
___CT06.02   Identify and explain database terminology.
___CT06.03  Create and save basic databases.
___CT06.04  Retrieve, manipulate, and print various databases.
What is Microsoft Access?


_____Designing the application - tables, fields, data types, properties

_____Creating the database - primary key, creating tables 
_____Defining Table relationships - referential integrity, primary and foreign keys

_____Entering data into Tables - data view, sorting and ordering

_____Creating data-entry forms - data validation, default values

_____Building simple Queries - sorting, selection criteria, working with dates

____Creating Macros - autoexec, conditions

____Writing Reports

____Sales Analysis Reports with Microsoft Access

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