Classroom Rules

1.          No eating or drinking in the computer lab (No Exceptions)

2.          No Gum!

3.          Be on time.  You should be in the class when the bell rings.  Failure to do so will result in a tardy. 

4.          Bring all necessary material to class. 

5.          No talking during class unless instructed by teacher

6.          Stay in your seat at all times

7.          Raise your hand if you have a question

8.          Respect classmates: Keep your hands, feet, and other objects to yourself. 

9.          Do not touch classmate’s belongings unless given permission.

10.     Do NOT touch any computer besides your own. 

11.     Do not cheat.  This will result in a zero. 

12.     Electronic devices are not tolerated during class. 

13.     Teacher's desk, computer, and other personal items are off limits to all students. 

14.    Do not surf the Internet unless permission is granted from teacher. 

15.    Do not be a distraction in the class.  If you choose to do so, you will be removed from the class and receive a zero on the class assignment. 



Should a student choose to either disregard one of the above rules or in any way hinder the instruction within the classroom, then the following alternatives exist.  Upon the initial infraction, a verbal warning will be given to the students.  To the student, this should merely mean that he/she has overstepped the boundaries of what is appropriate for class.

   If a student disregards the initial warning and the action continues, then he/she will receive a phone call home and/or an after school detention.

   If a student continues to persist or if the situation demands it, then the said student will be removed from the room.