Exploring CD's

Exploring Career Decisions 
Day  4
(All About Me)
Day 5
(Interpersonal Skills)
Day 7 – 9
Day 12 - 16
(CM7: Career Options)
Day 19
(CM7: Career Options)
Day 21 - 25
(CM8:  Career Explorations)
Day 27 - 30
(CM9:  Create a Job Application Package and Career Portfolio)
Day 31
(Interviewing Questions)
Day 32
(Mock Interview)
http://cmjournalentries.blogspot.com/  Integrating Technology
Day 33
Manufacturing Technologies
Day 34

Lesson Assignments listed weekly

Read, complete and submit via email.  This will eliminate / reduce paper usage. Assignments will be graded and submitted back within 48 hours.  Grades will be updated weekly for parent information.  For your reference the week currently in process will be posted daily for both the lesson and the assignment.

 Identify careers in:


Business Management

Information Technology




Lessons:         Week 1 – 18


 Assignments: Week 1 –  18


Cities of the World – Online Project
Teams of 4 students to decide on a city NC. 
Historian, Static an, Entertainer, technologistFind three facts:create a powerpoint slide for presentation