Business Computer Technology and Web Design



Additional Warm - up / Conditioning Exercises:


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Day 3 – 5

(Keyboarding / Conditioning)

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Week 2

(Keyboard/Language Skills)



Week 3

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  Lesson Assignments listed weekly Assignments   Week 1 – Week 18


Business Vocabulary



Week 1 Conditioning / Practice / Timed Typing / Quiz 
Entrepreneurship / Advanced Desktop Publishing (graphics, charts, tables)
Week 2 - 3 The Nature of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship
  • Compare the main types of business organizations
  • Classify business as profit-making or non-profit making, and service, product or combination

Business Ownership – How Sweet It Can Be


Report of Economic System using charts and illustrations

Title:  The Nature of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship

Body (font – Times Roman, Size 12), Header (font 14, bold)

Identify the clients/owners and their roles in business (Summary inclusive of questions listed below: 





1.                  What has happened to the founder of the business?

2.                  Is he or she still involved with the company?

3.                  What other things has he or she done?

4.                  Who owns the business?

5.                  How has the business changed?

6.                  Has the company been involved in any mergers or acquisition?

7.                  What products does the company sell?


If a company has incorporated and is publicly traded, another source of information will be Hoover’s Online Directory at www.hoovers.com



Week 4 -  5 Supply and Demand Economic Activity in a Changing World

(Type responses to the questions and comments below)

Title: Supply and Demand (centered, bold, font – 14)

Subtitle:  Economic Activities in a Changing world


What are the differences between goods, services and needs?


Design a project that depicts the demand for goods most often used and services requested that would include tables, and charts to support your research.


Economic Resources:

Economic Systems:

Business Tasks:



Week 5 - 6 Global Economy

Explain why the world has become a global economy using vocabulary terms.  Explain why people and countries specialize in producing goods and services using vocabulary terms.  Describe free trade using vocabulary terms.



Global economy

International trade

 Multinational corporation

 Trade, imports


 Exchange rate



 Free trade

Write a brief scenario using the sites below:




Define Domestic trade, world trade and the benefits of comparative.


Week 7 Marketing

What is marketing?  What are the functions of production?  Identify the four P’s of marketing?

Group Project:  Decide on business type and the nature of the business you will operate.

Group Project:  Write rough draft of market research:

comparing at minimum to businesses similar to yours.

What are the benefits of your business compared to the others? 

Do you house products / services that they do not provide? 

Is there a demand for your business


Week 8 Desktop Publising

Advanced Desktop Publishing – converting documents into web pages

Design brochures tailored to business plan outline


Information Technology / What’s fuss?

Answer each of the following questions in your own words using the title:  “The Internet:  What’s the fuss?”  It should consist of three – paragraphs (minimum of 5 complete sentences) on the first page – Part I.  The second page will include Part II.

Part I

1.                  What has made the internet so popular?

2.                  What does ISP stand for and give one example?

3.                  What does HTML, URL, and HTTP mean?

4.                  The speed of the internet is measured in (bps).  What does bps mean?

5.                  Why has publishing on the internet attracted so many people?

6.                  E-mail is a big part of the internet.  What does e-mail look like and name one advantage to using e-mail?

7.                  How many years ago was it before the Internet got its start?

8.                  What was the main reason it started?

9.                  A browser is what?

10.              What are some of the reasons (name 2) for people not connecting to the internet?

Part II

1.                  Give an example of a real URL.

2.                  What text is in a different color on a web site, that is referred to as what?

3.                  What is a browser and what is the most popular browser today?

4.                  Name a different browser than the one in questions 13.

5.                  How are computer messages sent across the telephone?


Week 9 - 10 MS Excel

Introduction to Excel/ Updating your Business Plan

Inclusive of Service Fees and Product Costs, Inventory On Hand

Formatting, Creating charts, and using Functions and Formulas




SHUTDOWN - 15 prior to the end of class

Journaling Updates per date listed below

Emphasis is on using technology while studying applications in varied careers, problem solving, fostering critical thinking and improving writing skills.  (To be turned in prior to dismissal. – No late forms will be provided.) 

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